Lauren Ashley is a new rising actress/singer/songwriter.

 Although Lauren is only 17 years old she is primed to achieve “big things” in the entertainment industry, due to her legendary musical genes.

Lauren’s mother, multi-platinum songwriter, Melanie Andrews, has co-written songs that have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, also at the age of 17. Lauren’s great-grandfather, Snooky Young, was acclaimed one of the “greatest trumpeters” in the music business.  

Lauren has been singing and performing since she was 3 years old. She is a very naturally gifted songwriter. Lauren’s first love is creating music from scratch. She starts her songs by composing the music on the piano. Her focused/passionate worth ethic allows her to turn her new songs into finished products expeditiously. Lauren has been told she has an unique “vibe” and “sound”, with her sweet, pure, silky voice and heartfelt lyrics mixed with her current trendy pop music tracks.  

Lauren recently finished filming a new TV Pilot , "FAMOUS", starring as the character "Bella".